We Are Magnificent

We are very very curious.

Audio visual artists, visionaries, technologists, filmmakers and experience designers who are fascinated by how humans experience things.

As scientists we research psychology and human behavior. As artists we love dreaming up ways to make the life better.

We are obsessed with inspiration, because its a self-generating fuel source common to all creative endeavor. Inspired creations inspire others.

Astute observers of human behavior and psychology, we design and create unique and magnificent human experiences.

We reverse engineer the wow, then build it.

We are committed to vanquishing dangerous interruptive advertising practices by creating better, alternate models of positive immersive engagement. We believe that in the future all advertising must become requested by the viewer and delivered with permission. We understand that this will clear the way forward for trust, respect, and relationship.

We design human experiences

The future is coming fast.
Technology is converging with humanity at exponential rates. Wisdom is required to navigate the unfolding territory with elegance and grace.

This is why we exist.

Magnificent brings organizations together with global teams of artists, thinkers, philosophers and scientists to evolve the language and relationships between brands and people.

We are focused on human storytelling through videofilms, multimedia experience design and immersive virtual and augmented reality projects.

Working only with the most wonderful people agencies, productions, clients and brands, we create beauty, not invasion.

We synthesize evolution, design, empathy and aesthetics. We deliver wow.

Our futuristic ideation inspires brand communications that evolve the conversation always keeping the human being a priority.

We elevate brand­-to­-human dialog through unique concepts, strategic creative problem solving, innovative presentation, insightful direction and impeccable production of compelling sensory experiences and meaningful media communications.


Peak states are immersive in nature.
People have magnificent experiences when we achieve singularity with a present spacetime event. Everything else fades away as our entire being focuses on what is happening now. People value experiences that completely take over reality for a period. Travel, dancing, meditation and love making are all examples. The more they displace attention or concerns for anything else, the more these experiences improve.

The brain is a powerful calculator capable of time travel. One of the qualities of consciousness is the uniquely human ability to process data from past experiences to project possible future outcomes. This persistent calculating greatly increases our cognitive load. It is necessary to relieve this load by increasing focus in the present. Experiences can be graded at the depth level of immersion which is qualified by a lack of cognitive activity in alternate timelines. Every meditation practice known is striving for precisely this.


We focus on how people receive and process sensory data and interpret metaphor.

For this, Virtual Reality, truly interactive multimedia and other more passive immersive technologies are used to help organizations communicate in kinder, deeper and noninvasive ways. Vivid and memorable data points shape our delicate consciousness and can be accessed in the future. Over the long term this creates favorable and trustworthy relationships.

We are committed to avoiding all forms of interruptive advertising strategies. Instead we invent and construct process flows that maximize the state-of-the-art technology, psychology, behavior and science to create unusual and immersive communication experiences that everyone loves.